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      Twenty-two years after earning his Bachelors degree from The University of Michigan in 1995, writer/director/producer,

Michael Mohan Joshua has earned his MFA

from Full Sail University,

an educational leader in

the entertainment industry.  “It has been a dream come true,” Joshua states of earning his MFA. “I wanted to further enhance my skills as a filmmaker,” Joshua expressed, “and be a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive film industry!” 

      “Furthermore, I enjoy teaching, and may want to pursue that avenue someday as well, earning my MFA will allow me to educate and mold future filmmakers in their own visual arts undertakings!”

     The creator of the underground indie romantic comedy WITH NOBODY, about individuality and marriage and the choices young people face--- is currently in development to make two features in the coming months. 

Joshua exhibited WITH NOBODY, which was a passion project shot on 16mm and showcased around the world via 4-walling theatres, film festivals and available on YouTube at

    Joshua’s first of many upcoming projects is an ensemble satirical comedy,

THE EASY, about a talented and attractive writer/waitress, Amanda Bucelli, who is frustrated with her place in life wanting to get her foot in the door of Hollywood while dealing with her daily life and the stress of the restaurant “The Easy”. 

     The second venture is a serious drama LOOK THE OTHER WAY, about a rape that is going to turn a small town upside down and confront the monster the community has created in the form of Tom Murphy. 

     Joshua will produce and direct both feature films for which he wrote the original screenplays.

     “The goal is to make major Hollywood hits on a reasonable budget with unknown and well-known talent,” Joshua conveyed, “and hit the film festival circuit with each film!”    

      The canvas is clean, now it is time to paint the picture through the medium of filmmaking

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